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Ballos Travel Agency offers day excursions leaving every Friday from Georgioupolis to Elafonisi in the NE of Crete. These excursions start on April 20th 2018 and will run weekly right up to October 26th 2018.

Elafonisi is located at a remote corner of Crete with its main attraction being the beautiful sandy beach, fringed with pink “sand”, (It is not even sand while it is also often and wrongly referred to as “coral”) and the crystal clear waters of the sea and the shallow lagoon.

The waters of Elafonisi are warm from about mid-April to the middle of October and are a joy to swim in. the lagoon is very shallow and offers a fantastic opportunity for smaller children to play in.


After picking you up from your location we set out to Elafonisi in our comfortable, air conditioned bus. To break the long drive we stop after the village of Topolia for 30 minutes rest to have a small breakfast, coffee, a toilet visit or just a quiet time enjoying the fabulous views from the terrace of the tavern.

We arrive at the main bus parking area of Elafonisi mid to late morning. After a short walk from the car park to the beach, you are ready to enjoy what is for many people one of the highlights of their holiday.


Elafonisi is part of the Natura 2000 program, which means that umbrellas anywhere other than on the main beach are not allowed. Neither is camping, making open fires, collecting shells or plants, or collecting and removing some of the “pink sand”

Elafonisi has a lot more to offer than the popular beach. If you want a different experience, a quieter place to enjoy your day, and learn more about the area, its fauna and flora, its fascinating history and mythology, then talk to our guide. He is only too willing to take you for an unforgettable excursion around the area and show you Elafonisi like not too many people get to see it.

You can find lots of photographs on our various trips here

Take me to Elafonisi!

Your Hidden Crete Group Leader



All the Hidden Crete excursions are lead by Enda McMullen, who lives permanently on Crete and spends most of his time outside in nature, studying and photographing Crete's phenomenal Fauna and Flora.

"Enda McMullen, master of all things botanical and faunal in Crete."

Dr. Matthew Pye, Botanist, The University of Sydney.


"Possibly the best tour guide in the world, Enda McMullen. What he knew about Crete was amazing."

(_helentaylorjay on Tripadvisor)


The guide was very informative & helpful, a very entertaining trip over some very rough terrain 

(robertcains on Tripadvisor)

Enda is not only a mine of information, he is also an award winning photographer who is only too willing to help you make the best of your camera and get that special, unforgettable shot...