Every Wednesday from Georgioupolis to the famous Preveli beach in the South of Crete. These excursions start at 08:30 morning and return at 19:00 evening.

Preveli is located about 35 km south of Rethymno and 10 km east of Plakias. Beach of Preveli, also known as Lake Preveli or Phoenix, is located at the exit of the imposing Kourtaliotikos Gorge, where the Grand River flows.

It is certainly the most famous beach in south Crete, accepting thousands of visitors every summer. During the ’60s and ’70s, it was a favorite destination for the hippies.

On the banks of the Grand River, there is a large colony of Theophrastus palm trees, which gives the region a sense of a tropical landscape. The river, forming a small lake, 500 m long, before emptying into the sea, has water all year round.

You can walk along the river, under the shade of palm trees and other trees, and start ascending in the beautiful canyon. You can swim in the cold ponds formed in the gorge.

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