The island of Santorini or Thera belongs to the Cyclades group of islands located in the south Aegean Sea. The island is known for its volcanoes. In particular, it belongs to the Aegean volcanic arc and still considered an active volcano. The archaeological excavations in Akrotiri along with the volcano have made Santorini history a very interesting and popular theme for all the historians and archaeologists around the world.

Besides the special and unique beauty of its landscape, the island of Santorini gives the opportunity for travelers to take a tour into the wonderful world of flavors by tasting the local products. The diversity of Santorini’s soil is the reason that makes Santorini’s local products different than others and provides them with an outstanding savor.

Visitors of Santorini have the chance to admire monuments of unique beauty at the numerous museums available around the island. The Museum of the Prehistoric Thira hosts, together with many relative items, discoveries from excavations at the area of Akrotiri, from the older excavations of the German Archeological Institute at Potamos, and from excavations all across the island.

These excursions start at 06:00 morning and return at 20:00 evening every Tuesday and Saturday.

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